QTX software for complex trait analysis

by Jane M. Meer, Robert H. Cudmore, Jr., and Kenneth F. Manly

QTX combines the cross-platform design and convenient quantitative locus mapping.

Library (.dll) files

The Windows version requires library files if you have not previously downloaded them. The libraries should be put into the same folder as the QTX program, or they should be put into the folder with other dll files (C:/windows or C:/Winnt/system32, for example). These libraries are available as a self-extracting zip file. Some people report that they also need the msvcrt.dll or msvcrt40.dll libraries, also available as a self-extracting zip file. Some users have also reported needing msvci70.dll or msvcr70.dll.


QTX is no longer under development. If you have problems, I will assist with finding a way to work around the problem, but I no longer have a development environment to create revised versions. For more versatile QTL mapping software, try R/qtl or J/qtl, both of which will read QTX data files. Also see other software.

Development and distribution of QTX has been supported by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and by grant HG01656 from the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health.

Citation for QTX: Manly, KF, Cudmore, Jr, RH, Meer, JM (2001)
Map Manager QTX, cross-platform software for genetic mapping.
Mammalian Genome 12: 930-932.

Sample Data

A set of sample data files is available for Mac or Win. These include a QTX file with a simulated intercross involving four traits and text files to demonstrate importing marker data and trait data into Map Manager. There is also a set of tutorial exercises developed for a genetics lab which use the sample data files.

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